Our Mission

This year marks the fifth anniversary of Sam's Scramble for Sight. Our look has changed but our mission remains the same - to eradicate human blindness. We are honored and humbled by the generosity and compassion of donors like you, who continue to join us in the fight for a cure.

A beautiful day in West Michigan for the 4th Annual Sam's Scramble for Sight fundraiser.

Sam walker with his grandmother are smiling and ready to greet guests at the Egypt Valley Country Club for the 4th Annual Sam's Scramble for Sight summer fundraiser.

Sam's Scramble for Sight included some great golf, beautiful weather, amazing music, and an awesome dinner and charity auction.

What Color is Your Sky

The past four years led to powerful insights about the blue colors of our sky. There are more than 50,000 shades of blue in the world, and the sky represents a vast and ever-changing palette of these shades. The blue of the sky is what those suffering with vision loss miss the most.

The reality of this finding strengthened our resolve and inspired our new logo - capturing both the significance of blue, and the heart of our givers, while honoring the gift of sight so many have lost or are in danger of losing.

“ We Won’t Rest Until Everyone Sees The Blue In Their Sky ”

The Gift of Sight

The University of Iowa’s Stephen A. Wynn Institute for Vision Research was created to accelerate the eradication of inherited human blindness, through interdisciplinary research, education and clinical care. Private gifts are the life blood of most academic research centers. To learn more, visit www.wivr.uiowa.edu. Colors are powerful, but people like you hold the true power. The sky is the limit when we all work together!